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Sudbury Arena Redevelopment Concept Pitched

Sudbury Wolves

Though the city has not decided on a location for a new Sudbury Wolves arena, one developer is pitching a redevelopment concept for the current venue. 

The Wolves were recently purchased by Dario Zalich, who is part of a group that has been floating the True North Strong Event Centre concept. Should that proposal go through, the Wolves would move into the arena, which would be located along The Kingsway.

As the city weighs its options, developer Greg Oldenburg says he has a plan for the existing Sudbury Community Arena. Leaving the structure standing, Oldenburg would re-purpose the venue into a five-story, mixed-use office building.

However, the plan seems to be in its early phases and has not yet been presented to at least one key stakeholder in downtown Sudbury. More from the CBC News:

 Oldenburg’s plan is not completely nailed down yet.

But he estimates renovations could cost up to $60 million.

He envisions five floors within the arena’s existing roof line.

The chair of Downtown Sudbury, Jeff MacIntyre, said he has not been approached by Oldenburg about the idea.

But MacIntyre is trying to bring new development into the city core.

“When we do development and we point to people where our downtown is, you want to have something that’s impressive,” he said.

“You want to have your main events centre, you want to have your main library, you want to have your city hall, you want to have the best of your hospitality, the best of your retail, the things that showcase you as your downtown. And that’s why it all needs to be in a condensed area.”

The city has not firmly decided that Zalich’s purchase of the Wolves assures the development of the True North Strong Event Centre. Some, including MacIntyre are arguing that Sudbury will be better off if a new arena development takes place downtown. Oldenburg’s plan at least brings up some ideas if the Wolves move on.

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