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Las Vegas Working Toward New Name

National Hockey League

The NHL expansion franchise in Las Vegas is still working on a new name, though it will be weeks before an announcement is made.

Early last week, we noted that a name for the Las Vegas franchise may not be announced until September. The team is in the process of working with the NHL on the branding, and will likely release the logo, colors, and name at the same time.

That still appears to be the case, as Murray Craven–an advisor to owner Bill Foley–has reiterated that it will be a matter of weeks before an announcement is made. However, there is a better sense of what the final name might be, as Foley is working through his options. More from the Las Vegas Sun:

In the days after the NHL’s Board of Governors voted unanimously to award Las Vegas a team, Foley submitted “eight or nine” possibilities that he owned domain names for. That list is pared down, with rumors spreading among fans at the T-Mobile Arena open house earlier this week that only two remained.

Craven wouldn’t confirm as much, only emphasizing that the team hasn’t zeroed in on a single choice.

“There’s more than one,” he said with a smirk.

Attempting to figure out the full contents of the short list is futile, though it’s fair to assume some variation of “Knights” is on the list. Foley has stayed smitten with paying homage to his West Point alma mater.

Recent murmurs indicate the Silver Knights or Neon Knights could be in the running, after fans universally loathed Foley’s original preference for Black Knights.

In addition to Black Knights, a few other names have reportedly been nixed by Foley and/or the league. Aces, Dice, and High Rollers are among those that the league is against, while Foley has said that Rat Pack will not be considered.

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