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First Look: Madison Square Garden Chase Bridges

The new Madison Square Garden Chase Bridges, providing a unique vantage point for New York Rangers and New York Knicks games, are ready for an Oct. 25 debut.

The bridges add 430 seats and a total capacity of 900 to Madison Square Garden, crisscrossing the upper arena. From the New York Post:

“[People] will be on top of the action as well as very close to it. There is nothing like this in the world,” said architect Murray Beynon, who headed the three-year project.

“It gets people right out there. These are the most unique seats in a sports arena anywhere in the world.”…

The bridge seats are 94 feet away from the arena floor — about the same distance as existing front-row seats.

Of course, the first thing that crossed the minds of many MSG fans: the high potential that a beer or two could be dumped onto fans below. That’s always a potential happening. On the other hand, with beer being so expensive in an arena these days, we’re guessing savvy fans will do an in-depth cost analysis before dumping that spendy brew.

Images by Rebecca Taylor/MSG Photos, © 2013 Madison Square Garden.

Madison Square Garden Chase Bridges

Madison Square Garden Chase Bridges

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