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Port Huron Icehawks, McMorran Arena renew lease

The IHL’s IceHawks signed a one-year lease with an option for a second.The IHL’s Port Huron IceHawks signed a one-year lease for McMorran Arena with an option for a second.

"The Icehawks are very happy to be returning again next season and appreciate the good working relationship with McMorran Arena General Manager Randy Fernandez, the McMorran Authority Board and Board Chairman Mark Bessette," Icehawks Vice President and Business Manager Dave Goetze said in a press release. "This lease agreement is a win-win for both parties. They are helping us by lowering our base attendance number, and we are assisting them by picking up up some ushers for next season."

It was a challenging year for the IceHawks, who averaged 1,457 fans per game. The team doesn’t receive additional revenues from the arena unless the base attendance figure is reached, and last season the IceHawks didn’t reach the 1,500 fans per game in the previous contract. That number has been lowered to 1,125. In addition, the new lease gives the team a cut of concession and parking revenues.

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