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Will new arena propel Bemidji State into WCHA?

Don’t bet on it — Bemidji State was the only applicant for entry in 2009-2010, and having 11 teams in a league makes for a scheduling nightmare.
Bemidji State looks to have all the requirement for entry into the WCHA: a great location, support from several other WCHA schools, a brand-new arena and a competitive program.

Still, the likelihood is that the school will be denied entry into the WCHA for the 2009-2010 season.

Why? Bemidji State was the only school to apply for membership. Having an 11-team league is a scheduling nightmare, even for a single year.

So when coaches and athletic directors meet at the end of the month to discuss expansion, expect some contention and probably a denial of the application. (We hope we’re wrong.) Which leaves Bemidji State in a pickle for next season: its current league is going out of business.

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