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Flyers schedule second preseason game at Wachovia Spectrum

Who knew Philadelphians were so sentimental? Thanks to public demand, the NHL Flyers have added a second game at Wachovia Spectrum.
Philadelphia has a reputation as a hard bitten town. After all, this is the city where angry football fans once booed and heaved snow balls at Santa Claus.

But it is also a city with some soft spots. One of those is for the Wachovia Spectrum, which was home ice (under a few different names) for the NHL Flyers from their inception in 1967 until 1996 when they (and the NBA 76ers) moved next door to Wachovia Center.

As we note on this website elsewhere, the Spectrum, which currently serves as home ice for the AHL Phantoms, is scheduled to be leveled next spring. The Flyers decided to give their old fans one last treat and scheduled a preseason game at their old home against Carolina on September 27.

The tickets sold out quickly. So, the team has decided to add a second act at the Spectrum. This time, they will play their farm club, the Phantoms, on October 7. Tickets are listed at $19.67 in honor of the franchise’s first season.

Exhibition games between NHL teams and their farm clubs are rare. "The interest in seeing the Flyers one more time in their former home has been overwhelming," said Flyers Senior VP Shawn Tilger. "(Flyers Chairman) Ed Snider and (Comcast-Spectacor President) Peter Luukko wanted to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see the Flyers in the Spectrum one last time before it closes. This is a terrific way to accommodate the demand for tickets."