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A closer look at the Olympic basketball venue

Imagine a basketball arena that is the middle layer of an eight floor complex. That is where the Olympic hoopsters are currently playing their games.
It’s like being in the middle of a Dagwood sandwich. (Those not familar with the term, ask your parents.)

The Bejing Basketball Gymnasium is located in the Wukesong Culture and Sports Center, a 63,000 square foot complex that also houses the baseball fields and swimming pools. The arena where Kobe, Labron and his friends are playing for the next two weeks has three floors above it and four below it. When the Olympic games are over, it is expected to be used for various sporting exhibitions (the NBA is big there, thanks to Yao Ming, among others. There is talk of more exhibition or regular season games being played in the 18,000 seat facility.) and as an example of what soem folks in town can do when given the time and resources.

Like with a lot of what is now being seen in Beijing, we knew little about the place before it was opened and really don’t know a lot more now. But there are some pictures we can show here that give you an idea of what the place looks like.