Friday, November 21, 2014
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Revised financing plan pitched for new Sacramento Kings arena

New Sacramento arena

A new financing plan has been pitched for a proposed new Sacramento Kings arena, with the team committing to pay more toward the increased cost of the facility. Read More »

NBA approves Kings sale to Sacramento group

The effort to bring the Sacramento Kings to a new Seattle arena hit the wall after the NBA approved the sale of the team to a group working to keep the team in California. Read More »

Sacramento fights for Kings; Seattle arena advances

New Seattle Arena

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson says he’s got 10,000 commitments for season tickets, $50 million in sponsorship money and a $448 million downtown arena plan — but it may be too little, too late, as a Seattle group already owns 7 percent of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings. Johnson has been tirelessly working on a plan to keep the Kings in Sacramento, ... Read More »

Sacramento arena plan: still a work in progress

A funding plan for a new Sacramento Kings (NBA) arena is still in negotiations, with Commissioner David Stern giving mixed signals about how much support he expects from the Kings. Really, there’s little new on the arena front since the last time we reported on the Sacramento arena situation: the city is still negotiating with potential investors over a $200-million ... Read More »

Sacramento to discuss parking leases with 11 suitors

Sacramento will negotiate a potential lease of parking spaces with 11 suitors — with the proceeds being a cornerstone of a funding plan for a new Sacramento Kings (NBA) arena. The city is under the gun to show the NBA and the Kings a viable arena-financing plan before a March 1 deadline. A key part of the $400-million plan is ... Read More »

Kings’ arena quest coming down to the wire

An attempt to keep the Sacramento Kings (NBA) in town is coming down to the wire, as a $400-million financing plan is due at the end of the month. Mayor Kevin Johnson has been leading the push for a funding plan, which is still not finalized. A key part of the plan calls for the lease of parking spots in ... Read More »

Sacramento arena funding plan still elusive

A solid funding plan for a new Sacramento Kings (NBA) arena continues to confound local political and business leaders, who are still working to come up with the money for a $387-million downtown facility. There’s a general outline in place: the Kings owners and users (in the form of ticket surcharges) will pay a thid of the cost of a ... Read More »

Sacramento officials push arena idea — but no funding plan

Sacramento officials are pushing the many benefits of a new arena to regional residents — but without a funding plan, an incomplete story is being sold. It’s not necessarily hard to tell regional residents they’ll benefit from a new downtown Sacramento arena: it will allow the Sacramento Kings (NBA) to stay in town, better events could be booked and the ... Read More »

Honda Center improvements unveiled

Further cementing the belief that the NBA is in Anaheim‘s future, Anaheim Arena Management unveiled improvements to Honda Center that will better accommodate a second tenant in the home of the Anaheim Ducks (NHL). Among the changes: a major expansion of the team store, increasing from 1,800 square feet to 4,200 square feet. The press release makes things clear: this ... Read More »

Kings to share financials for arena research

The NBA’s Sacramento Kings will share financial data with a city-commissioned group seeking to put together a financing plan for a new arena, another piece of the puzzle in the funding formula. ICON Venue Group and a local developer are working on an arena financing plan, and one big chunk of the equation will be to determine how much the ... Read More »

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