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NHL players shoot down realignment for 2012-2013

In a surprising show of defiance, the NHL Players Association rejected an NHL realignment plan for the 2012-2013 season — but some see this as a bargaining chip in the upcoming CBA talks. The rejection was surprising because players, when interviewed, didn’t really voice many objections to a drastic — and long overdue — realignment […]

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NHL approves extreme alignment

You can’t say the NHL isn’t bold, approving a drastic realignment plan calling for four conferences and home-and-away series with every other team. NHL officials had been mulling several different realignment plans to accomodate the move of the Atlanta Thrashers to Winnipeg this season. But once it was apparent there would some level of realignment, […]

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Realignment hot topic in NHL circles

With Winnipeg entering the NHL, realignment has been a hot topic in NHL circles — and now it looks like a drastic overhaul of divisions and conferences has a change of passage for next season. As first reported by Elliotte Friedman on the Hot Stove segment of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, the plan would […]

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