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Oilers: No, we’re not moving to Quebec City

A meeting between Katz Group executives and Quebec City Mayor Regis Labeaume quickly fueled rumors that they were there to discuss a move of the Edmonton Oilers (NHL) to Quebec, but denials were quickly issued all around. The reason for the meeting between Kevin Lowe, Patrick LaForge, Paul Marcaccio and Quebec City officials, according to […]

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Oilers refine arena plan after public meetings

{jathumbnail off} The planning for a new Edmonton Oilers (NHL) arena has been altered slightly — and probably in some very good ways — after team officials held a series of community meetings to explain the plan and solicit input. While it doesn’t sound like much has changed in terms of anything physical — past […]

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Edmonton: New downtown arena financially feasible

Combine a $5 ticket surcharge with a $100-million contribution from Edmonton owner Daryl Katz, and you’ve reached the point where a new downtown Oilers arena is economically viable, say city officials — raising the stakes on new-arena discussions in the city. “A new downtown arena with an increase in the number of seats and other […]

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Katz: I will spend $100 million on new downtown arena

Daryl Katz has shifted positions once again on his potential contribution to a new downtown arena for the Edmonton Oilers, saying he would contribute $100 million directly to arena construction costs, not to fund an adjoining entertainment district. Katz has shifted his position on the ultimate destination of his financial contribution twice already. When he […]

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Oilers arena zoning hearing delayed

Issues over the potential funding for a new downtown Edmonton Oilers (NHL) arena is causing the Katz Group to postpone a key zoning hearing, in order to put together a formula that could appeal to politicians and taxpayers. In theory, the June 26 meeting was slated to an inocuous hearing on the zoning of a […]

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