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Evansville: We have plenty of arena parking

Evansville AcesIt’s always an issue when there’s a new downtown arena, but officials with a new downtown Evansville arena are taking great pains to reassure locals that there are plenty of parking spots within a shot walk from the facility.

Every time there’s talk of a new downtown arena, inevitably a group of locals will spring up and express concerns about parking. What this really means, however, is they love free surface parking — which, after all, is a sure thing — and don’t like a situation where they’re not assured a free parking spot.

In Evansville, the locals are used to the surface lots next to Roberts Stadium — pull in and walk to the facility. With the new downtown arena, folks will need find free street parking or pay for lot access.

The good news: there are some 3,600 spots within a short walking distance of the arena. And city officials are working overtime to reassure locals they’ll easily find a parking spot within a short walk.


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