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Vets to give D-League a boost

NBA D-LeagueThe NBA has always liked the D-League as a business proposition, but this season may be the first time the circuit has served as a true minor-league and development feeder, as Rashad McCants, Antonio Daniels and Antoine Walker are poised to spend time with D-League teams as a path back to the NBA.

Using the D-League as a path to the NBA for older players has never been tried much; the pay is usually too low to attract the attention of someone like a McCants, who usually headed for Europe for a year to reestablish some court cred. Instead, McCants has already reported to the Texas Stars and will practice today. McCants, a former lottery pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves, will join Daniels (already playing in Frisco) in the Stars backcourt.

Meanwhile, Walker is expected to sign a D-League contract today as well. The 34-year-old Walker failed to secure a training-camp spot with the Charlotte Bobcats after a tryout, but he still may have some gas left in the tank, assuming he can stay in shape and maintain a focus on the game.

Using the D-League as a tool for veterans to work back into shape and position themselves for an NBA spot makes business sense: it brings some big names to smaller arenas, giving teams something to market.

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