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Will Generals make a play to stay in Flint?

Flint GeneralsA group of potential buyers for the Flint Generals (IHL) met with Perani Arena officials and toured the facility, leading some to wonder whether the IHL will make a play to stay in Flint despite a lease already signed for the arena by a NAHL team.


The buyers are from Indiana, and it’s not clear whether they’d want to keep the team in Flint or move it to another city, say, South Bend. In theory, there’s a lease between the Generals and Perani Arena dating back to the days when Dr. Khaled M. Shukairy owned the arena and a chunk of the team — may or may not be valid anymore. Arena management says it is not.

It’s hard to say whether there will be a showdown over Flint. There’s a long tradition of pro hockey in Flint, but there aren’t enough hardcore fans to keep that tradition alive these days, and a team with lower operating costs — like a Junior NAHL team — may be better suited to the market.

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