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Tim Horton beverages exception to Sudbury arena rules

The people have spoken: Tim Horton beverages can be carried into Sudbury Arena.
Sudbury Arena is no different than most North American facilities. It has a sign that forbids fans from bringing in food and beverages into the building … with one critical exception.

Tim Horton’s is a well-known Canadian chain famous for doughnuts and its beverages (coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate). In Ontario (Horton was a Toronto Maple Leaf stalwart in the club’s glory days in the 1960s), Horton’s is a particularly revered name. Because of that — and the fact Horton’s is a sponsor of Wolves’ games — the team has made the decision to allow fans to carry its beverages inside the arena.

This has caused a bit of mini-stir in town from folks who think this should be an all or nothing deal. The complainants also note that, in the past, ushers turned a blind eye to fans sneaking in their own goodies.

The Sudbury Star has more on this "controversy" here.