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Judge: Lakewood Ranch arena foreclosure sale to continue

Enough is enough, according to Manatee County Judge Paul Logan. The foreclosure sale of the Lakewood Ranch arena can continue while arguments over unpaid liens go on.
When Judge Paul Logan said he wouldn’t stand for unwanted delays in the messy Lakewood Ranch arena case near Sarasota, FL, he wasn’t kidding. On Friday, Judge Logan denied a request by construction company Walbridge Aldinger to delay the sale until its lien claim against the property is settled.

This means the July 28 foreclosure sale can go on as scheduled.

Walbridge Aldinger, the primary contractor on the failed arena project, is challenging a ruling earlier this year that determined developer Schroeder-Manatee Ranch’s $6.5 million lien will be the first one to be repaid. Walbridge Aldinger claims it is owed nearly $10 million.

Perhaps, said Judge Logan. But the delays over the arena have gone on long enough and that matter will have to be settled in another venue.