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Minnesota-Duluth ready to sign longterm arena deal

UMD’s new arena is expected to be operational by the end of 2010.This was also a bit of a foregone conclusion but the devil is in the details. University of Minnesota-Duluth is closing in on a new arena. Agreeing to a 25-year lease is close to the final step in making it happen.

When Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty signed a bonding bill that will kick in $38 million to build a new Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, it came down to following procedure to finish things off. The U of M Board of Regents have reviewed the lease for the new place and are expected to give its approval when they meet in July.

The school has an eight-year lease that will expire in 2011. The new lease would replace that one.

The new arena will hold 6,630 for hockey games and over 8,000 for other events. It will have 16 luxury suites. Part of the new deal calls for UMD to share in revenue from those suites.

UMD has been playing hockey at the DECC since it was opened in 1966. The new arena is expected to be operational by the end of 2010.