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Will legal challenges derail Quebec City arena?

With opposition politicians promising lawsuits challenging the funding scheme for a new Quebec City arena, city and provincial leaders are taking actions to nip them in the bud. The issue: the agreement between the city and Quebecor for naming rights and management. A former provincial politician and city manager, Denis De Belleval, says he’ll challenge […]

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Quebec City on verge of new arena, return of NHL?

Political pressure, which usually hampers efforts at public financing of arenas in the United States, could have the opposite effect in Quebec City, where local and provincial officials will meet today to discuss a C$400M arena that could potentially pave the way for a return of the NHL — or even a Winter Olympics. Quebec […]

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Bettman: Oh, Canada?

Once an outspoken opponent of shifting franchises north of the border, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is warming to the idea of franchises returning to Winnipeg and Quebec City. There are others in the NHL much more enthusiastic about the NHL returning to hockey hotbeds in Canada, and apparently their thinking is rubbing off on the […]

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