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Bettman: No guarantees Coyotes will stay in Phoenix

While there’s interest among investors to buy the Phoenix Coyotes, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman admits the team could be headed out of Glendale after the season unless a deal is struck. In his weekly radio show, Bettman reported there were three potential buyers of the Coyotes, owned by the NHL since 2009 after going through a bankruptcy. We already know ... Read More »

Will legal challenges derail Quebec City arena?

With opposition politicians promising lawsuits challenging the funding scheme for a new Quebec City arena, city and provincial leaders are taking actions to nip them in the bud. The issue: the agreement between the city and Quebecor for naming rights and management. A former provincial politician and city manager, Denis De Belleval, says he’ll challenge the agreement in court, presumably ... Read More »

New Quebec City arena: pro venue or community resource?

After being teased by the Tories over federal funding, organizers of a new Quebec City arena are heeding a pledge by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff to help fund the facility on the theory it’s not really a pro-hockey venue — it’s a community resource. It’s an important distinction. Traditionally, the federal government hasn’t help fund Canadian arenas; that’s been an ... Read More »

Quebecor commits real money to new Quebec City arena

{jathumbnail off} Canadian media giant Quebecor is making public its financial commitment to a new Quebec City arena, and it’s pretty substantial: between $110 million and $200 million, depending on whether the facility lands an NHL team. The funding commitment is in two areas and on two levels. First, there’s a baseline commitment of $33 million for arena naming rights; ... Read More »

City, province to split cost of new Quebec City arena

It’s a much simpler deal than many anticipated, as Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume and Quebec Premier Jean Charest today announced the city and the province would split the cost of a new NHL-level 18,000-seat arena, with the hard cost of the project capped at $400 million. The announce came after months of speculation about how a new arena would ... Read More »

New Quebec City arena a go?

{jathumbnail off} Various media outlets, including Radio Canada, are reporting that a new Quebec City arena is a go, as Quebec City Mayor Régis Labeaume is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow to announce the final piece of the funding pie: federal gas-tax proceeds. The current plan from Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls for a simple change allowing cities ... Read More »

P3 funding eyed for sports facilities — but hurdles remain

{jathumbnail off} The Harper government and Conservatives are looking at raiding the $1B Public-Private Partnerships Canada (P3) Fund to help build stadiums and arenas across the county, including a new Quebec City arena, but there’s one huge obstacle: the legislation setting up the fund specifically prohibits its use for pro-sports facilities. That’s a huge obstacle, but one that could conceivably ... Read More »

Quebecor stepping up to fund Quebec City arena

Media giant Quebecor is stepping up to partially fund a new Quebec City arena and close a significant funding gap, as the city moves closer to a facility that could bring back NHL hockey — and perhaps bring in federal aid as well. Quebecor President Pierre Karl Péladeau told the Globe and Mail that his firm was willing to put ... Read More »

Quebec City ready to move ahead without federal arena aid

{jathumbnail off} With it looking increasingly unlikely the federal government will step in with financial aid for a new Quebec City arena, city and provincial officials say they’re ready to move ahead with a backup financial plan. No word on exactly what’s entailed with the backup financial plan, though it’s most likely related to an increased contribution from the city. ... Read More »

Harper: No federal funding of arenas — unless Olympics are involved

{jathumbnail off} Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper once again spoke out against federal funding of a new arena in Quebec City, saying that traditionally arenas have been under the purview of local government and the private sector — but left open a loophole for any arena built as part of an Olympic bid. Harper’s position isn’t surprising. After being coy ... Read More »

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