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Saskatoon group: Yes, we want an NHL team, too

On Ice Management Group says it has the cash to bring the NHL to Saskatoon, but insiders doubt the city has the population and corporate base to support a team. Gary Bettman threw out Saskatoon’s name as evidence of the NHL’s popularity, showing a demand for franchises across the continent. It’s not the first time Saskatoon has been mentioned as ... Read More »

Paying for new arenas: the economic realities

Who should pay for new arenas in Canada has been a topic of much debate in Edmonton and Quebec City, where the desires of local hockey enthusiasts have clashed with fiscal conservatives. But the economic reality is that most cities need to subsidize construction to attract the NHL, according to a study. The study, from the Conference Board of Canada, ... Read More »

Spoelstra: At 15K, MTS Centre is perfect size for NHL hockey

Perhaps pandering a little to the hometown newspaper, sports consultant Jon Spoelstra says the 15,000 seats at MTS Centre makes for a perfectly sized NHL arena and calls True North Sports and Entertainment “visionaries” for moving an NHL team to such a small arena. Spoelstra, operating under the impression that lowering supply equals higher demand, says the creation of a ... Read More »

It’s official: Winnipeg’s back in the NHL

The negotiations are complete: True North Sports and Entertainment is buying the Atlanta Thrashers and is moving the team to Winnipeg‘s MTS Centre for the 2011-2012 season, subject to approval from the NHL’s Board of Governors. Approval of the sale by the Board of Governors is contingent on TNSE proving the market will support an NHL team; to that end ... Read More »

Will Winnipeg make most of second shot at NHL?

With it all but certain that Winnipeg will end up with another shot at the NHL, the issue is whether the little town on the prairie will make the most of its second run with top-level hockey. But the town is different than it was in 1996, with lowered expectations. The loss of the Winnipeg Jets, the original outlaw WHA ... Read More »

Manitoba Moose to St. John’s?

If the Atlanta Thrashers are indeed moving to Winnipeg’s MTS Centre for the 2011-2012 season, the Manitoba Moose (AHL) will need a new home — and one newspaper is reporting that St. John’s Mile One Centre will be that new home. St. John’s formerly hosted AHL hockey in the form of the St. John’s Maple Leafs, the top affiliate of ... Read More »

Thrashers not out of Atlanta — yet

The Atlanta Thrashers haven’t been sold to a Winnipeg group — yet — but negotiations continue and many in the NHL consider the move of the team to be a foregone conclusion. Some media jumped the gun yesterday and reported a sale was done, including the influential Globe and Mail, which came through with this reporting: Sources confirmed (Thursday) that ... Read More »

Atlanta-to-Winnipeg rumors gaining steam

With former Atlanta Braves great Tom Glavine admitting he’s having no luck in putting together an ownership group for the Atlanta Thrashers, the rumor mill is working overtime in placing the team in Winnipeg for 2011-2012 — but there’s no deal yet, though negotiations have started. There’s not exactly a long list of potential buyers in Atlanta for the NHL ... Read More »

Spirit finally faces inevitable: Thrashers may need new home

After years in court to gain control of Philips Arena and its assets, it appears as though Atlanta Spirit is finally succumbing to the inevitable conclusion: that the small but loyal fan base of the Atlanta Thrashers isn’t enough to make the team a business success, and a sale of the franchise is in the cards. That the team is ... Read More »

Glendale ready to commit $25M to keep Coyotes in town for next season

Don’t expect the Phoenix Coyotes to move to Winnipeg any time soon: the Glendale City Council is preparing to authorize a payment of $25 million to keep the team at Jobing.com Arena for the 2011-2012 season, as negotiations with Matthew Hulsizer continue. It seem a little sad that the city needs to pony up that kind of money to keep ... Read More »

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