Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Arizona Coyotes rebranding hits trademark issue Arena

The rebranding of the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes has been hit with what will probably be a small road bump: a trademark filing by a third party for Arizona Coyotes. Read More »

Phoenix Coyotes sale could be resolved next week Arena

The fate of the Phoenix Coyotes sale should be resolved next week, as the NHL has set July 2 as a drop-dead date to make a deal and a potential owner pitching a $15-million annual subsidy to run the arena. Read More »

Phoenix Coyotes sale falls through

Phoenix Coyotes

Greg Jamison missed a midnight deadline to close on a Phoenix Coyotes sale, losing out on a lucrative arena-management deal and opening the sales process to other bidders. Read More »

Phoenix Coyotes sale coming down to the wire

Phoenix Coyotes

The much-debated Phoenix Coyotes sale is coming down to the wire, as Greg Jamison has until midnight to close on the purchase of the NHL franchise and a lucrative arena-management deal. Read More »

Jamison will move on Phoenix Coyotes purchase: reports Arena

Greg Jamison will move ahead with a Phoenix Coyotes purchase before tomorrow’s deadline date, according to multiple reports. Read More »

Fate of Arena lease to be determined next week Arena

The lame-duck Glendale City Council is set to debate the final terms of a Arena management deal with Greg Jamison, pledging $320 million over 20 years to the prospective owner of the Phoenix Coyotes. Read More »

Bettman: No guarantees Coyotes will stay in Phoenix

While there’s interest among investors to buy the Phoenix Coyotes, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman admits the team could be headed out of Glendale after the season unless a deal is struck. In his weekly radio show, Bettman reported there were three potential buyers of the Coyotes, owned by the NHL since 2009 after going through a bankruptcy. We already know ... Read More »

Glendale to spend $25M on Coyotes in ’11-’12 — and maybe for next decade

The Glendale City Council voted to cover the NHL’s losses on the Phoenix Coyotes for the 2011-2012 season up to $25 million, and also committed to do so annually for the next decade if the team isn’t sold or moved. In a contentious meeting last night, the council agreed to continue the financial agreement first made for this past season ... Read More »

Glendale ready to commit $25M to keep Coyotes in town for next season

Don’t expect the Phoenix Coyotes to move to Winnipeg any time soon: the Glendale City Council is preparing to authorize a payment of $25 million to keep the team at Arena for the 2011-2012 season, as negotiations with Matthew Hulsizer continue. It seem a little sad that the city needs to pony up that kind of money to keep ... Read More »

Is Hulsizer’s Coyotes deal collapsing?

Plenty of whispers from Glendale and Arena about Matthew Hulsizer and the potential collapse of his purchase of the Phoenix Coyotes — and the biggest clue may be his not showing up to a single playoff game. Mark Falter documents what’s being said in Glendale: that the purchase is not happening, that the team is as good as gone ... Read More »

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